Wagamama is set to introduce several new "mouth-watering" Japanese-inspired dishes to its menu in May including a saku saku soba and thai beef salad.

The new dishes come as part of the popular restaurant chain's 2024 summer menu, which will also include the introduction of "new unique drinks menu". 

Chief Marketing Officer at wagamama, Kay Bartlett, said: “We know that our guest are now, more than ever, looking to escape from life’s realities through soulful bowls and inspiring experiences.

"Our new summer menu includes an array of innovative new dishes and drinks, that bring our guests on a sensory and escapist journey where they can take a moment to pause and truly ‘savour the summer’.

"All inspired by our philosophy of kaizen, meaning ‘good change’, which we have been practicing since we first opened our doors in 1992.”

New dishes at Wagamama as part of 2024 summer menu

Wagamama is set to introduce several new dishes to its menu in May as part of it 2024 summer range. 

These include a Saku saku soba with a choice of crispy shredded duck or crispy pulled shiitake, two new additions to the much-loved teppanyaki range.

The summer menu will also offer a tataki dish of thinly sliced cuts of beef fillet, salmon or smoky tofu, drizzled with a zesty yuzu sauce.

Alongside this is crispy otsumami, with your choice of beef, salmon or pulled shiitake, presented in six squares of fried rice, soaked in a soy and yuzu dressing, topped with smashed avocado, edamame and siracha mayo. 

There will also be a new thai beef salad, which includes tender strips of marinated premium cut steak, added to the menu as part of the summer range.

New dessert options

For those looking for a sweeter option to end their meal, Wagamama is also introducing four new products to its desserts range:

  • Crispy momo meringue cake
  • Baked yuzu cheesecake
  • Iced jenki matcha
  • Strawberry lattes.

Oxford Mail: Which of wagamama's new summer menu items will you be trying?Which of wagamama's new summer menu items will you be trying? (Image: wagamama)

New "unique" drinks menu

In addition to its innovative food additions, wagamama will also introduce a new unique drinks menu. 

This new drinks menu will feature everything from sangrias to shiso mojitos and will include a new ‘pad thai sour’ cocktail. 

This new cocktail combines a playful fusion of vodka, rum and passion fruit, spiced with lime, lemongrass and tamarind, topped with a fried rice noodle.

Other additions to the drinks menu will include:

  • 'Lychee blush sangria’
  • 'Green samurai’
  • ‘Breakfast in Tokyo’ cocktail (available exclusively at Heathrow Airport)


To celebrate the launch of the new summer menu, wagamama is introducing shinrin yoku - forest bathing - experiences in select restaurants across the country from mid-May.

A wagamama spokesperson explained: "Guests will be able to dine beneath forest style canopies, encouraging them to mindfully immerse themselves in nature and savouring their surroundings.

"The installations create a space to unwind and calm the senses while enjoying the new menu packed with fresh flavours and aromas."

The new summer menu will be launched in Wagamama stores across the UK on Wednesday, May 2.