While ovens are a popular kitchen appliance, sometimes cleaning them gets put to the bottom of the to do list.

With so many hacks out there, you might be wondering how is best to clean your glass oven door.

If you’re looking for tips that won’t break the bank, the glass cleaning experts at MeandMyGlass.co.uk might be able to help.

The team has shared seven methods for cleaning oven doors that you can try at home without breaking the bank.

Oxford Mail: Cleaning your oven door doesn't need to break the bankCleaning your oven door doesn't need to break the bank (Image: Getty)

7 cheap ways you can clean your oven door

Baking soda and water

Make a thick paste by mixing together a few tablespoons of baking soda with water – make enough to cover the oven door.

Leave it to sit for 30 minutes and use a microfibre cloth to wipe it clean and remove stubborn stains.

Lemon and salt scrub

Cut a lemon and dip it into salt - the experts say the lemon’s acidity and the mild abrasive properties of the salt will help break down stains and grease marks.

Dish soap and warm water

Wiping your oven down after each use can help you keep on top of cleaning it. Lightly wipe a cloth dipped in dish soap and warm water to lift off any grime.

Soaked hot towel

You could also try soaking a towel or flannel in some hot water and lay it over the glass. Leave it to sit there for 15 minutes.

While you wait, the steam will lift off grease marks and make it easier to wipe down.

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Fizzy drinks

Pour either a fizzy drink or sparkling water over the glass on the oven door to break down stains and grime.

Using a sponge, wipe away after 10 minutes and to make sure there isn’t a sticky residue left behind, wipe it down with warm water afterwards.

Coffee grounds

Another household essential you can use to clean your oven door is used coffee grounds.

They act as a scrub - you’ll need to sprinkle the coffee and lightly scrub it into the surface with a microfibre cloth to lift off the stains.

White vinegar and water

Mix together an equal amount of white vinegar and water and spray a generous amount over the glass oven door.

The vinegar will break down any stubborn stains and grease marks. After letting the solution sit for a couple of minutes, give the oven door a wipe down.

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John Cutts, founder of MeandMyGlass.co.uk, said: “Our ovens get dirty and covered in grease and grime so easily, and many of us often dread having to clean the appliance.

“However, there is no need to call in the professionals or buy expensive cleaning products, there are many cheap items sitting at the back of your cupboard that can be used to clean your oven.

“A lemon and salt scrub will break down grease stains, and spraying equal parts of white vinegar and water on the glass will lift off any dirt and grime.

“Homeowners can also use dish soap, fizzy drinks and coffee grounds as cleaning solutions to get a brand-new looking, sparkling oven.”