The Apprentice's 2024 series will come to an end tonight when Lord Alan Sugar chooses his next business partner.

But will it be Phil or Rachel who wins the series?

The 2023 winner of the show, Marnie Swindells, has shared her predictions for the final tonight (April 18).

Marnie Swindells was speaking to Sky Casino when she revealed how she thinks the final episode of the series will play out.

Marnie Swindells' predictions for The Apprentice 2024 final

Swindells said she believes it will be Phil who wins the series, saying: “I don't think Phil has got to this stage for no reason. For Lord Sugar to have forgiven so many mistakes and losses, I think he would be the front runner.

“Although where Rachael has performed better, I think Lord Sugar trusts his gut over everything. And I think out of those two, Lord Sugar will have more of an inclination towards Phil.”

Pie company owner Phil Turner is from Bognor Regis and was awarded ‘Supreme Pie Champion’ in 2020 for his family-owned pie business.

Boutique Fitness Studio Owner Rachel Woolford from Leeds has plenty of experience managing her work independently.

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She also revealed what it's like to win the show, explaining: “The accolade of being the winner versus being the runner up is a priceless thing. It's something that no one will ever be able to take away from you. No one can dispute.

“It's yours forever and you become one of only 18 people in the world that can say that they won the UK series of The Apprentice. It's like a golden ticket - having Lord Sugar as your business partner brings in so much potential.

“The runner up is in a good position because they don't have to give up half their business but I would say they also don't get any of the benefits, the exposure or the greatness that comes with being Lord Sugar’s business partner.”