Nestle has confirmed the reason why Maxibon ice creams were discontinued in the UK as fans plead for its return.

The food and drink company is well known for a range of products including Kit Kat, Smarties, Nesquik and Nescafe coffee.

Nestle has axed several products from its range recently. 

Oxford Mail: Nestle is well know for various products including Quality Street, Kit Kat, Nesquik and Nescafe coffee,Nestle is well know for various products including Quality Street, Kit Kat, Nesquik and Nescafe coffee, (Image: PA)

In November last year Nestle revealed it was discontinuing its Caramac and Animal Bars much to the disappointment of fans.

Then in February (2024), Nestle revealed it was cutting Breakaway and Yorkie biscuit bars from its range of products.

Nestle confirms why Maxibon ice creams were discontinued

Maxibon ice creams were also discontinued by Nestle in the UK several years ago.

Fans have been crying out on social media for the ice cream return recently, "not happy" about the company's decision to axe the product.

One person on X (formerly Twitter) said: "@NestleUKI bring back maxibon to the uk , seriously not happy about this, it’s been too long."

While another commented: "@Nestle why did maxibon get discontinued in the UK? Is there no chance seeing them return?"

Replying to these calls, a Nestle spokesperson revealed the reason why Maxibons had been discontinued in the UK.

The spokesperson, replying on X, said: "It wasn't as popular as others in the range, so it's been discontinued. But we'll surely let the team know you'd like to see it back."


New Nestle chocolates in 2024

But it hasn't been all bad news for Nestle fans, with the company unveiling several new chocolates in 2024. 

In January Nestle released two new Aero chocolate bars - one being a new choco-hazelnut flavour.

It then revealed in February a new white chocolate Kit Kat.

A new Strawberry flavoured Aero chocolate is also set for release in the UK in May.