The Apprentice is coming close to concluding its 2024 series with just two episodes remaining, with the fan-favourite Interviews episode up next.

Making up the penultimate episode of the series the remaining five candidates will be grilled on their business plans by some of Lord Sugar's best experts.

Only two will get through to this process to duke it out in the final and this segment has been notorious for its brutal takedowns of the candidate's plans.

Here's who remains in the show and who they will have to face questions from in the Interviews episode.

Which candidates remain in The Apprentice 2024?

The candidates that remain in The Apprentice to face the Interviews episode are:

  • Flo Edwards
  • Dr Paul Midha
  • Phil Turner
  • Rachel Woolford
  • Tre Lowe

Who are the interviewers on The Apprentice 2024?

Claude Littner

Oxford Mail: Claude Littner is a regular face in the interviews episodeClaude Littner is a regular face in the interviews episode (Image: BBC)

Claude Littner is a familiar face for those who watch the show regularly, having been an interviewer on the show in every series.

He replaced Nick Hewer as one of Lord Sugar's aides in 2015 before taking a hiatus for its 16th series due to injuries sustained from a cycling accident in 2021.

Littner returned to the show for the first episode of the 2023 series but wasn't well enough to continue.

Discussing his aims with his interviews with the BBC he said: "My objective, having spent a considerable period in the week leading up to the interview analysing their plans, is to challenge their business plans. 

"Are they realistic, are they achievable, are they sensible, do the numbers add up, does their chosen industry have growth potential, where will they expand, have they considered the competitive landscape? Have they got the knowledge and ability to make a go of the plan?"

Claudine Collins

Oxford Mail: Claudine Collins says the candidates need to be personable, ambitious and determinedClaudine Collins says the candidates need to be personable, ambitious and determined (Image: BBC)

Claudine Collins is another regular of Lord Sugar's trusted advisers and has appeared as an interviewer in many series of The Apprentice.

The managing director of advertising agency MediaCom missed out on appearing in last year's show due to personal circumstances but is now back in her regular slot.

Discussing what she looks for in the candidates, she said: "Each of us all need to focus on different areas, so that we can collectively build as rounded a picture as possible of the candidates to Lord Sugar.

"I need to know that they're really in this for the right reasons and not just for the notoriety. Lord Sugar is looking for a business partner and a business that he can invest in.

"They do need to be personable, ambitious, determined and believe in their business. They need to know the business they're going into and have experience in the industry that they're going into."

Linda Plant

Oxford Mail: Linda Plant says she looks for candidates with excellent leadership and problem-solving skillsLinda Plant says she looks for candidates with excellent leadership and problem-solving skills (Image: BBC)

Linda Plant is a businesswoman who started interviewing on The Apprentice back in 2015.

As reported by Metro her expertise lies in fashion, and she created knitwear brand Honeysuckle at the age of 15, leaving school at aged 16.

She sold the company for millions at the age of 29 before taking control of it again some years later. 

The international fashion brand made her one of the first women to head a fashion company flotation on the London Stock Market.

Discussing with the BBC about what qualities she looks for in a candidate she said: "Common sense. That's always a good one. Leadership skills, which become apparent in the tasks. Problem-solving because problems need solutions.

"You've got to communicate; communication is the key in a lot of things in life. Resilience, you’ve got to be resilient in business. And teamwork, because in a lot of cases to grow a business you've got to build a team."

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Mike Soutar

Oxford Mail: Mike Soutar says he loves the challenge of researching different business sectors for the interviewsMike Soutar says he loves the challenge of researching different business sectors for the interviews (Image: BBC)

Mike Soutar is known for co-founding Shortlist Media, which includes publications such as Stylist. 

He also used to work as the CEO of the Evening Standard before stepping down during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Soutar is another consistent interviewer on The Apprentice, having been doing it since 2011.

Asked by the BBC what makes him keep coming back to do the interviews he explained: "It's an immense honour personally, to be involved in The Apprentice. It's as simple as that. And for me, I love the challenge of researching different business sectors.

"You never know what each year is going to throw up in terms of the business sectors that the final five candidates want investment in."

The Apprentice will continue at 9pm on Thursday, April 11 on BBC One and can also be watched on BBC iPlayer.