We all like to get on board with a little self-care once in a while, whether lighting candles for a cosy night in or using wax pots to remove irritating body hair.

But with these rituals, spilling wax isn’t unusual, no matter how annoying it is (and painful when it drops onto your skin unexpectedly).

Especially when it comes to our floors because no matter how prepared we try to be, accidents happen.

If you have recently spilled wax onto your carpets or you just want to be prepared for when disaster strikes, you might be wondering how on earth do you get rid of it?

Well thanks to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, some members have got you covered, offering the cheapest and easiest at-home hack yet.

How do I remove wax from a carpet?

In response to a post asking for help to get wax out of carpets, one of the most popular recommendations was ice, something we can all get hold of without leaving the house.

Even better, it won’t cause significant damage to our bank accounts and will save you spending money on expensive products you aren’t sure will work.

“Legend would have it. An ice cube removes wax,” said one highly ‘liked’ comment with almost 100 ‘thumbs up’.

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“ya I got wax just like this in a fluffy rug and it got all mine off,” agreed another.

This user added: “I 100% agree. Been doing this for years.”

Someone else also suggested ice bags and one member said they use ice and then “scrape off”.

Giving more instructions, this user posted: “I covered the wax in ice, picked off what I could then used baking paper and a cool iron. It came out. You can’t see it but carpet feels slightly rough. Good luck.”

Baking paper (also known as grease-proof paper) and brown paper was highly recommended too, along with further help from an iron (just make sure the appliance doesn't directly touch the carpet).

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Tesco Non Stick Baking Paper (370mm x 15m) is currently available to buy for £2, while a 10m roll costs £1.45 at Morrisons.

One person explained: “Get grease proof paper and your iron put the paper over the wax then iron, repeat until all the wax is out.”

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Similarly, this Mrs Hinch fan added: “Grease proof paper over the top and a iron . Keep changing the grease proof paper until its all transferred then when remove. Fluff the carpet with a hard brush . Xx”

If you want to try brown paper, this profile advised: “Brown paper bag and an iron and go over the bag with a medium hot iron moving it so it doesn't scorch the carpet and the wax should absorb into the brown paper.”

It’s important to note these tips may work differently depending on the type of wax and carpet you have.