The final five candidates who will be taking part in penultimate episode of The Apprentice UK 2024 have been decided.

After 10 gruelling weeks just five candidates remain and are set to face their toughest challenge yet in the interview round which will air next week.

The penultimate episode of series 18 of The Apprentice will see the final five candidates interrogated by some of Lord Alan Sugar’s closest advisers. 

Who was fired from The Apprentice this week (April 4)?

The Apprentice candidates secured their place in the interview round after making it through Thursday's (April 4) episode where they were tasked with creating a new vegan alternative to cheese which they had to pitch to major retailers.

Two candidates were fired from The Apprentice following the task - Foluso Falade and Steve Darken. 

Both coming within weeks of making the final.

The Apprentice final five

The final five candidates remaining on The Apprentice, who will take on the interview round are:

  • Flo Edwards
  • Dr Paul Midha
  • Phil Turner
  • Rachel Woolford
  • Tre Lowe

The Apprentice interviewers

The final five Apprentice candidates will be interviewed by some of Lord Sugar’s closest advisers in the penultimate episode of The Apprentice 2024. 

The interviews as part of next Thursday's (April 11) challenge on The Apprentice will be conducted by business experts:

  • Claude Littner
  • Mike Soutar
  • Linda Plant
  • Claudine Collins

Each of the candidates' business plans will be interrogated, CVs picked apart and white lies exposed as they battle it out to make the final in the hope of securing Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.


When time is The Apprentice on TV?

The final five Apprentice candidates will take on the interview round next week.

You can catch all the action on The Apprentice next Thursday (April 11) on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.