Thousands of users are reporting issues with WhatsApp in the UK this evening (April 3), with more than 65,000 reports lodged with DownDetector.

More than half of the WhatsApp complaints involved being unable to send messages on the app, while 24% relate to server connections and 21% relate to the app itself.

One user said: "Just tried to send a message at around 1910 (UK time being 7.10pm) - one minute ago at around 7.09pm it would send it fine and a minute later, it has the 'clock' on it so it couldn't send. I thought it was my phone's internet at first until I checked this!"

While another added: "Mine just says connecting all the time".

Are Facebook and Instagram down?

Users are also reporting issues with Meta-owned Facebook messenger and Instagram.

Nearly 3,000 users are having problems accessing Instagram, while more than 1,000 are reporting issues with Facebook Messenger.

An Instagram user said: "some of my highlights from my profile have disappeared and i cant see whos viewed my story happening to anyone else??"

While a Messenger user added: "Saying I’m unavailable on messanger to friends, i can send messages but there are unable to reply. Anyone else having this issue?"

What is DownDector?

DownDector is an online website that allows users of popular services including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Virgin Media and more to report if they are having trouble with the services.

The site only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day.

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