With disposable vapes being so popular in the UK, many have raised concerns about their environmental impact.

This comes as governments across the UK push ahead with plans to implement bans on these items due to worries around their appeal to young people.

If you vape and are looking to dispose of them properly, look no further.

How to recycle your disposable vape properly

Oxford Mail: Here are some tips on how to recycle disposable vapes.Here are some tips on how to recycle disposable vapes. (Image: PA)

The experts at HAYPP have shared six tips to help you properly dispose of your vapes.

Do Not Throwaway in Regular Bin

Disposable vapes should not be thrown into a regular waste bin as they contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment.

Empty the Device

Before disposing of the device, users should always ensure the e-liquid has been fully drained.

Dispose of E-liquid Responsibly

By going to the UK Government website, visitors can locate their nearest site to dispose of these liquids. 

Small amounts can be mixed with items like cat litter in a sealed container before being thrown away.

Battery Removal

If the vape has a removable battery, users should remove it before disposing of it. Batteries usually have specific recycling requirements and should not be thrown in with your usual rubbish.

A number of supermarkets across the UK have recycling points for these batteries.

Consult Local Regulations

The experts suggest visiting your local authorities' website for information regarding the recycling of electronic waste as some areas have differing rules.

Go Back to the Vape Shop

The experts add: "If you aren’t able to dispose in the ways listed above or you don’t feel clear on your local regulations, keep your disposed vapes in a drawer and when you next go to buy a vape, bring them with you as most vape shops have dedicated bins for used vapes."