Washing clothes is a chore we all have to do and while you might have your own routine, you could be doing it all wrong.

A laundry expert has shared five things she would never do when it comes to washing.

In a video shared to Instagram by Which? the expert highlights alternatives to help you effectively wash your clothes.

How many of these five things are you guilty of?

Oxford Mail: The laundry expert explains why she wouldn't use things such as fabric softener when washing clothesThe laundry expert explains why she wouldn't use things such as fabric softener when washing clothes (Image: Canva)

5 things you should never do when washing your clothes

Fabric softener

The laundry expert says she would never use fabric softener as “it can leave a layer of residue on your clothes”.

She adds that it can also reduce how absorbent your towels are and sensitive skin can also be irritated by it.

Homeowners shouldn’t use too much detergent either as it can also “leave a residue on your clothes”.

Powders for dark or bright colours

Using powders when washing dark or bright-coloured clothes can “make them duller”, according to the laundry expert so she would never use them in this case.

Instead, she advises homeowners to use capsules or liquids. She explains that the powder can be kept for whites.

Washing everything at the same temperature

The expert says washing everything at the same temperature isn’t a wise idea because while most people wash clothes at 40C, this can be too harsh for delicate items.

She adds that modern detergents can wash well at temperatures such as 20C or 30C – you could save some money on your energy bills too.

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Washing jeans and jumpers too often

The expert encourages people to only wash jumpers and jeans when “they’re actually dirty”.

She says things like underwear and sports clothes will need to be washed after each use though.

Smelly washing machine

A smelly washing machine could be due to blocked up pipes and the expert says she’d never put up a smell coming from the washing machine.

To clean your machine, you could put it on a hot wash with no detergent or clothes inside or buy a washing machine cleaner.