Ex-star of ITV’s This Morning Fern Britton is rumoured to be joining Celebrity Big Brother ahead of its return.

It comes as the trailer for Celebrity Big Brother gave fans an earlier glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming reboot.

Rumours of what stars would be taking to the Big Brother house have been swirling since its return was announced during the civilian series.

Now, sources have suggested that Fern Britton, best known for her role on This Morning will be joining the show.

Along with Britton’s return were suggestions that she’s ready to ‘share’ all the details of her feud with ex-co-host Phillip Schofield.

Britton and Schofield hosted the show together for six years until Britton was replaced by Holly Willoughby back in 2009.

Following her exit, rumours that there had been a falling out between the two began to arise.

Later Schofield wrote in his autobiography that the pair were involved in an intense fallout leaving This Morning's atmosphere to turn ‘sour’.

Now a source from The Mirror has shared that Britton is ready to show ‘a different side to her’ adding she’ll be ‘unscripted and unapologetic’.

The source added: “She has a lot of stories to tell and she won’t hold back when it comes to her relationships with people like Phil.

“They don’t speak anymore so there are no bridges to burn as far as she is concerned.”

However, a Celebrity Big Brother spokesperson has previously shared that currently “All names are purely speculation at this stage.”

Viewers will be able to find out what celebrities will enter the Big Brother house during the live launch on March 4 on ITV.