Viewers of ITV's Wheel of Fortune have declared something is 'wrong' with the show just minutes into it.

The game show last aired on UK TV 20 years ago but has now been rebooted by ITV with comedian Graham Norton taking on hosting duties.

At its height, Wheel of Fortune ran from 1988 until 2001 with John Leslie, Bradley Walsh and Nicky Campbell all among previous hosts.

Now back on screens, fans of the game show were eager to tune in, but many have been left disappointed just moments into the new show.

Wheel of Fortune viewers 'slam' ITV reboot

Taking to X, formally Twitter, many viewers shared that they were left disappointed when they discovered that a popular feature was missing, as the Wheel of Fortune 'hostesses' seemed to not be included in ITV's reboot.

One X user said: "No glamorous assistant in a glitzy dress to turn the letters" whilst another added: "Where's the woman that spins the letters?"

Previously, Wheel of Fortune saw the likes of Angela Ekaette, Carol Smillie, Jenny Powell and Terri Seymour appear as hostesses, seeing one viewer ask: "No @JennyPowellTV! What even is #WheelofFortune anymore?"

Another viewer wrote: "Already not a fan of the #wheeloffortune reboot. I miss Jenny Powell turning the letters, I hate the overly loud audience, the music is all wrong...bring back the 90s version!."

The missing hostess was not the only complaint ITV viewers had with the reboot, as some said it was not as good as it once was.

As one X user said: "This is not the old show I used to know and love!"

Whislt another Wheel of Fortune viewer said: "Something feels off about #WheelOfFortune and I’m not sure what. Used to like this show when I saw repeats."

Wheel of Fortune airs on ITV on Saturday evenings.