Power cuts can be stressful and disruptive and it can not only leave households in the dark literally but also figuratively, not knowing when you are going to get it back. 

Whether its a planned outage by power suppliers or an unexpected one caused by a storm it can be frustrating.

So it is always good to know how long the cut is going to last and when you can expect power back.

Here we take a look at how to find out if there is a power cut in your area and when you can expect it to end.

How to check for power cuts in your area?

Each of the major power suppliers in the UK - including the likes of National Grid and UK Power Network - have interactive maps on their website which shows the areas affected by power cuts.

For ease, you can enter your postcode and it will direct you straight to your area on the map and information about potential power cuts. 

Forgotten your power supplier? Don't worry. Even if you visit the wrong suppliers website, you can still type in your postcode and it will direct you to the correct site.

The major power suppliers in the UK and the areas they cover are:

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You can find the interactive power cuts maps for each supplier by clicking on the links on their names above.

So the next time their is a power outage, don't panic. 

Simply visit your local powers suppliers website (all of which can be found above), enter your postcode and all the information will be right there.