ITV’s new drama the Vanishing Act is based on the real-life events of Australian financial adviser Melissa Caddick.

Caddick lives a life of luxury with a harbourside mansion, luxury cars, clothes and loyal clients who trust her to invest their money.

But, unbeknownst to her clientele, Caddick is actually running a mass fraud scheme, taking money from her clients, family and friends.

When her acts begin to catch up with her, the fraudster has to stay one step ahead as authorities get closer to catching her.

Vanishing Act full cast list

  • Melissa Caddick: Kate Atkinson
  • Angie Beyersdorf: Maya Stange
  • Anthony Koletti: Jerome Velinsky
  • Barbara Grimley: Anne Tenney
  • Ted Grimley: Frankie J Holden
  • George K: Colin Friels
  • Nash Malouf: Dylan Hare
  • Phoebe Quinn: Ursula Mills
  • Vincent Lee: Tai Hara
  • Wendy: Sophie Bloom
  • Josh: Otis Dhanji
  • Tony Caddick: Julian Garner
  • Silvio: Paul Pantano
  • Verity: Safia Arain
  • Tina Beyersdorf: Alea O'Shea

How to watch the Vanishing Act

The Vanishing Act will air on ITV1 and ITVX from Monday, December 18 at 9pm.

The drama will then air across three consecutive nights at 9pm each night, Monday to Wednesday.

What is the real story of the Vanishing Act?

Melissa Caddick went missing from Sydney in November 2020 after going for a run and not returning for more than 30 hours.

Two days before her disappearance, Caddick’s home was raided by authorities over claims of her fraud schemes that made her a wealth of between $20m and $30m.

After nearly three years missing, in May 2023 coroner Elizabeth Ryan ruled Caddick had died.

A foot inside a trainer found on a beach 250 miles south of Sydney in February 2021 was linked to the DNA of Caddick.

However, there is still very little clarity as to what happened to Caddick.

The Vanishing Act stars on ITV from December 18.