Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis had an important message for UK uni students ahead of his show tonight.

The financial guru will be on The Martin Lewis Money Show tonight at 8pm on ITV and has urged graduates to tune in.

According to Martin, millions of people have overpaid on their student loans and could be due some well-needed compensation.

It could be a great benefit or rebate just in time for Christmas or the New Year.

He posted: "If you know someone who's graduated or left uni anytime in the last ten or fifteen years, pls suggest they watch @itvMLshow tonight 8pm. One of my big 3 topics will be explaining step by step how millions have overpaid student loans and can get £100s back easily and at speed."

According to Money Saving Expert, "In the last tax year alone, over ONE MILLION university leavers overpaid their student loans, according to our Freedom of Information (FOI) request."

How it works

Over recent years, the Student Loans Company has introduced several initiatives to reduce overpayments and improve the repayment process for students.

This includes introducing an online repayment service, issuing automatic refunds and actively contacting those who might have overpaid.

While these changes have helped to reduce the number of students making overpayments, more than a million former students still overpaid in the 2022/23 tax year – so it's well worth checking.

The Martin Lewis Money Show will air on ITV1 at 8pm tonight - make sure you tune in to learn how to save potentially £100s!