While your bathroom is probably where you keep your toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel, there are some things that shouldn’t be left in a bathroom.

Some items can be damaged or become less effective if they’re left in a bathroom due to the humidity and changing temperatures.

Bathroom experts at SteamShowerStore have listed the five items that you shouldn’t keep in the bathroom.

5 items you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom


If you keep your perfume on the bathroom counter, delicate elements within it like citruses might get damaged by the humidity.

This can mean your perfume could change in colour and scent.

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Birth control pills

You shouldn’t keep birth control pills in the bathroom as the humidity and moisture in the room can change some of the components of the pills, making them less effective.


Do you take off your jewellery as you get into the bath or shower? Leaving your jewellery in the bathroom could mean the steam and heat from the water damages the metal, leading to discolouration of the jewellery.


The components within make-up can break down when exposed to humidity, similar to perfume, and this can cause the products to expire quicker.

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Moisture and steam can cause razor blades to rust over time, making them blunt.

This can heighten the risk of cuts, razor burns and infections.

SteamShowerStore used the Baylor College of Medicine and Planned Parenthood Action websites to come up with the list of items you shouldn’t keep in a bathroom.

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at SteamShowerStore said: “People keep a lot of toiletries in their bathroom like perfume, jewellery, makeup and medicine but the truth is the steam and humidity from the bathroom could be damaging all of these products.

“Humidity and inconsistent temperatures can break down components in birth control and other medicines and make them less effective over time.

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“This is also the case with things like makeup and perfume which can change colour and expire quicker when exposed to moisture in the air.

“Storing these items in a cupboard in the bathroom doesn’t eliminate the problem either.

“Ideally you’ll want to keep them out of the bathroom altogether and store them in a cool and dry place.”