Jamie Lynn Spears had another emotional moment in the I'm A Celebrity jungle during its latest episode.

The singer and actress was seen crying in the camp as campmates Sam Thompson and Danielle Harold were comforting her.

Jamie Lynn, the sister of singer Britney, broke down after discussing her family had her children, sharing that she wanted her "babies".

In a bid to cheer her up, the Made In Chelsea star, Sam said that he relates to Spears as he too misses his two cats.

Later on in the episode, Jamie Lynn was seen crying again in her bed as the topic of her children was brought up.

Hoping to win a picture of her family, she said "I don't know why I'm being such a baby" as Fred Sireix tried to comfort her.

Talking in the hut she said: "It would be such a delight (to get a luxury item), I hope they don't feel too much pressure."

However, the celebrities taking part in the challenge ended up losing Jamie Lynn's luxury item

Hearing she did not get her item, Jamie Lynn headed to the hut and broke down saying "I want to go home".

Adding: "This is not fair" and that she "wants to quit" and that she just wants to see her kids.

Jamie Lynn discusses sister Britney Spears

After her emotional moment, Jamie Lynn was chatting to fellow campmates about rewards.

Sam discussed how he was nominated for an award for his podcast, Staying Relevant, which he hosts with Pete Wicks.

Topic on awards, Jamie Lynn brought up her award-winning sister Britney at her first Grammy's.

Britney was first nominated for a Grammy back in 1999 but lost out to Christina Aguilera.

Sharing how the night went, Jamie Lynn revealed that Britney was devasted that she lost but has since made up for it.

Previously, there were reports that Jamie Lynn had written in her contract for I'm A Celebrity that Britney could not be discussed amid a public feud between the two.

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