A heated argument erupted on I'm a Celebrity tonight as YouTuber Nella Rose screamed at chef Fred Sirieix "You're a weirdo".

The night before over dinner, Nella was speaking to Fred and their ages were brought into question.

Fred said "I'm not 26, I could be your father", and repeated the latter comment.

Nella, who said she had told Fred her father had passed away, took great offence to this and refused food.

It was the first big argument on I'm a Celebrity this year.

Fred nonchalantly served the rest of the food unaware of the offence he had caused and all celebrities slept on it.

When the French chef attempted to serve her some rice the morning after, all hell broke loose.

An enraged Nella shouted at Fred: "Disrespect me once. Not twice.

"You keep trying to speak to me, I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to eat your food.

"Don't bring up my dead parents, you're a weirdo. You stay on that side of camp I'll stay here.

Fred apologised: "It wasn't like that at all, I promise on my children's lives I'm sorry you feel this way. 

However, Nella just got more heated, "We can live but you stay over there, Look at you smiling. If I don't like someone I don't wanna be around them."

Nella later told others in camp: "My dad died when I was 22 it's fresh bro, it's fresh."

Although Fred again attempted an apology, it simply wasn't happening. "I'll accept your apology but let's not be friends," Nella replied.

Nella attempts tonight's trial, which might not improve her mood.