I always told myself when the time was right to welcome a dog into my life, I would never spoil them and treat them like a child.

Yet here I am, a few months after becoming a dog owner for the first time, prioritising my Cockapoo puppy Florence over everyone and everything.

If I go to the supermarket, I have to stroll down the pet aisle in the hopes of finding another annoying squeaky toy that I know she will love to drag around the house.

Don’t get me started on going to a retail park if there’s a Pets at Home in sight.

Oxford Mail: Florence couldn't take her eyes off these treatsFlorence couldn't take her eyes off these treats (Image: Newsquest)

I will even admit that I’ve started buying her Christmas presents before any human gifts have come to mind (ridiculous, I know).

I just can’t resist pottering around Home Sense and seeing a fluffy teddy with a Santa hat on ready for her to unwrap with that long snout of hers.

Talking about Christmas, I knew I was going to be hunting for a dog-friendly advent calendar because I think no matter what age, whether you’re a human or an animal, it’s part of the festive fun.

That’s why when I came across Pure Pet Food’s first personalised Feliz Navidog Advent Calendar, I needed to get my hands on it.

What did my dog think about the new Pure Pet Food Feliz Navidog Advent Calendar?

Oxford Mail: The treats are made from turkey (60%), sweet potato, glycerol, potato, cranberries (1.5%)The treats are made from turkey (60%), sweet potato, glycerol, potato, cranberries (1.5%) (Image: Newsquest)

Florence had no idea how lucky she was to be able to try her very first advent calendar weeks before most of her furry friends, all in the name of helping any other dog owners who insist on buying their pets advent calendars too.

I felt naughty letting her sample it but when I saw her reaction, I didn’t regret anything.

The Feliz Navidog Advent Calendar is filled with 24 turkey and cranberry nibbles, with each window containing little pieces of festive goodness that are both tasty and nutritious (with no nasties).

I had no idea how she would react but Florence couldn’t get enough of it – she was completely obsessed with the smell of the treats.

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In fact, I have to keep moving the advent calendar around the house as when she discovers it, she will spin around for hours hoping I’m impressed with her tricks, all for another turkey nibble.

I loved how behind each door, you have to pop open the little pockets to get the treats, Florence soon learnt what the sound was which made her even more excited.

The sizing of the treats is also ideal for all sizes of dogs, especially smaller ones.

Oxford Mail: I'm over the moon with Florence's first doggy advent calendarI'm over the moon with Florence's first doggy advent calendar (Image: Newsquest)

On a personal level, I was so pleased the treats didn’t smell bad as picking up meaty or fishy snacks for Florence is one of my least favourite things to do.

I also think it’s really sweet how owners can write their dog's name on the advent calendar too, because it makes them feel like they are part of the family with their special version.

I’m already excited to see what the next advent calendar Pure Pet Food will bring out for Christmas 2024 (sorry, I said it).

The Feliz Navidog Advent Calendar is available to purchase online now for £10.99.