A fan of the cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has issued a plea over their 'stinking' blocked sink but some members of a Facebook group have come to the rescue. 

If your sink is not draining and you're not sure what to do, you're not alone!

Before you rush to call the plumber, there is a simple and budget-friendly solution that many fans of the cleaning phenomenon Mrs Hinch swear by.

Mrs Hinch - otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe - is well-known and beloved for sharing cleaning tips and tricks.

So much so, she's inspired a whole community including a Facebook group called Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips where like-minded users ask and answer questions on everything from stubborn stains to useful products.

We have recently been sharing these tips including how to get rid of nasty smells in your fridge, how you can dry your clothes indoors without a dryer and how to get a streak-free shower.

What can I pour down my sink to unblock it?

One of the most recent dilemmas involves how to unblock a sink.

An anonymous member of the Facebook group shared that they had "just moved home" and found that the sink was blocked.

They shared that "it’s stinking the house out" and it "smells of egg", before asking the cleaning community how to unblock it.

Users took to their comments to share their suggestions ranging from Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker to a plunger.

However, one item - that you might have in your cupboard already - was namechecked by many members.

Soda Crystals is a popular product - used for cleaning lots of difficult spots from cleaning your washing machine to removing stains.

Big Green Smile has curated an extensive guide on the best ways to use soda crystals from the ideal measurements to the most effective methods.

You can purchase Soda Crystals from many major supermarkets and retailers including Tesco ( £2), Sainsbury's (£2) and Savers (£2).

One user recommended: "Soda crystals and boiling water down the plug hole."

A second person advised" Soda Crystal's and boiling water."

Another member commented: "Soda crystals and white vinegar."

A fourth chimed in: "My friends was the same I put soda crystals white vinegar and left it for 10 minutes then poured boiling water down I do that every month and it has never came back."

Have you ever used soda crystals to unblock a sink? Did it work? Let us know in the comments.