Finance guru Martin Lewis says around one million people could be owed a free £100 refund from the Students Loans Company.

Mr Lewis, the ITV This Morning and Good Morning Britain regular, spoke out on Twitter, now X, over how students should check whether they've overpaid.

"Are you still paying off your student loan? Over 1m who are overpaid last tax year and millions more in prior years - you can get this money back (it can be £100s or £1,000s). I posted a vid on it a few days ago, on the back of questions, I go through step by step in the pod...," Mr Lewis warned.

Twitter users promptly flooded the Money Saving Expert with replies and questions: "Maybe if they are not "debt" we should stop referring to them as student loans?", one individual asked.

Mr Lewis replied: "Agreed - i've campaigned for that. Unfortunately its not happened and that's what they are officially called."

"I'm hoping mine are being written off as I type!" Batty replied. "Top man Martin," said David.

Mark typed: "Can't pay my cause my went into default after #postofficescandal and they would not accept need to defer it. So won't even be cancelled ever now. It one reason don't trust anything govt related schemes"

"Guessing I shouldn’t have been am I right?"

Shaun said: "The flip side is that people are paying down the premium in a high interest environment, so SLC is panicking because they’re losing out on a lot of cash long-term. Hence why they’re proactively messaging people."

Rich said: "I left uni in 2011, so think I'm on plan 1. I'm not sure if I have my old paperwork and payslips available, but I KNOW I paid when receiving bonuses like profit share at work despite being under the threshold overall. I assume I can still call?"

Trish said: "I wish. I may, this year, pay enough to cover the interest. I was 50p off last year."

Another asked: "So I left uni in 2012 been with the same company from 2013 to present, and only currently on £20,600 salary, but when I started in 2013 I was only on £13,000. I know I have been paying them money from my wages automatically, guessing I shouldn’t have been am I right ?"