Trying to figure out the best place to dry clothes indoors when the warm summer days can't do the job for us can be a difficult one.

This includes making sure rooms don’t become too damp with the never-ending washing pile.

It can also be a real pain if you don’t have a tumble dryer or you’re trying to keep energy bill costs down as much as possible, including using minimum heating.

But if you’ve been struggling to know what to do with your wet clothes indoors at home, look no further.

According to smol, the plant-friendly home cleaning product brand, there is one place that seems to be ideal for drying the washing.

Where is the best place to dry clothes indoors?

The experts advised: “Position your drying in rooms where you spend the least amount of time, for example the bathroom.

“You want the space to be well-ventilated so you can avoid allergic reactions, mildew or mould on fabrics or in your home from all the extra moisture in the air.

“Open windows are the best way to allow fresh air in.”

When it comes to suggesting where you should hang your clothes, smol says to “invest in a sturdy clothes airer, ceiling-hung clothes maid or wall-mounted rack.”

How to Prevent Condensation in Your Home

They added: “[It's] far better than draping your clothing over bannisters, doorways and off the back of chairs; get yourself a dedicated rack and try to position it in a warm area of the home.”

You should also use clothes hangers on drying racks to make more space (which will also limit the amount of ironing you have to do).

By remembering to rotate your clothes every few hours, you won’t end up with some parts drying quickly whilst other sections remain damp when it comes to rounding up all the clothes to put away.