Big Brother viewers have expressed how they are 'fascinated' and 'obsessed' with the accent of housemate Jordan.

Jordan has become a favourite among the contestants of the 2023 series, with his dry wit and sarcastic manner drawing many compliments.

His posh accent might lead some viewers to assume he was from somewhere in the south of England, but Jordan in fact hails from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire.

Jordan has mentioned that his time watching Downton Abbey in his youth inspired him to cultivate the accent.

Big Brother fans 'obsessed' with Jordan's accent 

Many took to Twitter during the latest Big Brother episode when Jordan was talking about his time going to school in Grimsby.

One person posted: "Jordan fascinates me, every now and again I'm reminded he's from a council estate in Scunthorpe and I'm pulled out of the accent."

Many people expressed similar sentiments with one sharing: "Obsessed with Jordan being a council house kid from Grimsby adopting the accent and mannerisms from Downton Abbey."

Another wrote: "Jordan is from Grimsby? how much Downton did he watch for his accent to be like that."

One person added: "Jordan’s really taken copying your favourite TV character’s personality to the extreme and I adore him for it."

Another shared: "using downtown Abbey as a guide to learn how to fake your accent is…on brand for Jordan".

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