From Amazon to eBay, Wish and many more, it seems there are now hundreds of cheap online marketplaces that sell anything and everything.

With the need to go out to buy now a thing of the past, you can buy anything at the click of a button and have it at your front door in just a matter of hours.

Although there are already major competitors and retailers in the online market business, there is a new one on the block ready to rival them all.

‘Temu’ has been appearing across the internet with Facebook adverts offering products from water bottles and trainers for as cheap as 1p.

But how good can a site be that offers products for so cheap?

Well, I decided to find out for myself and went on a mini shopping spree on Temu and this is how it went.

Oxford Mail: Temu has everything.Temu has everything. (Image: Temu)

Is Temu legit? I found out for myself

At first click on the Temu website, I was met with big bold discounts and hundreds of items all showing to be less than £20.

With so many items to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to start but chose to head to the kitchen/homeware section.

Temu seemed to offer everything from kitchen gadgets that chop your vegetables to rose ice moulds and even a teddy bear-shaped sandwich cutter.

After scrolling for what felt like forever, I eventually found something that sounded interesting with a ‘Vacuum Sealing Machine’ that keeps your snacks fresh, costing just £1.49.

Looking for a couple more gadgets, I also picked up an ‘Ultrasonic Glasses Washing Machine’ for £3.37 and for a bit of fun a ‘Wireless Microphone’ for £3.99.

Oxford Mail: What I ordered on Temu.What I ordered on Temu. (Image: Temu)

Wanting to get an accessory, I looked at Temu’s many sunglasses and picked the designer-inspired ‘Square Fashion Sunglasses’ for £1.79 (more on that later).

My shopping spree done, I headed to my basket ready to pay and saw just how much I saved according to Temu.

With an original total price of £39.06, Temu shared that I had an overall discount of £28.42 meaning I paid just £10.64.

After just a couple of days, my Temu order arrived and I was quick to rip the parcel open to see and examine the contents inside.

Opening the microphone first, I was surprised that it was the colour I ordered and that it looked like what I was advertised.  

Oxford Mail: The microphone from Temu.The microphone from Temu. (Image: Newsquest)

Ready to have my Britney moment, I turned the microphone on, connected it to my phone and surprisingly music started straight away and the microphone/speaker worked.

Although the speaker was not the best quality, it did do its job as did the microphone which managed to project my voice, much to the annoyance of my close friends.

With the microphone ticked as working, I moved on to the Vacuum Sealing Machine and felt the small pink plastic item felt quite cheap on the first opening.

The instructions for the machine were not in English so I had to use my best logic to make it work, popping two batteries in, I opened a bag of crisps and tried to reseal it.

Oxford Mail: The sealer.The sealer. (Image: Newsquest)Swiping Temu’s sealer across, it pinched the bag and sealed it whilst also managing to rip the bag at the same time.

With a half-open and half-ripped bag of crisps, I tried again but was met with a plastic-burning smell so decided to abandon ship and leave the sealer.

Dirty glasses in hand, I got the Ultrasonic Glasses Washing Machine out ready to clean them. Putting water in the machine, I placed my glasses inside and turned the washer on.

Oxford Mail: The Temu cleaner.The Temu cleaner. (Image: Newsquest)

Hoping to get smear-free glasses, it didn’t seem like much was happening as all the water did was vibrate and not do much cleaning.

With the glasses washing machine leaving little result, I went back to the old faithful and grabbed some glasses spray.

Finally, I prepared to open the sunglasses I ordered which should have been bold black frames with a fashionable gold attachment.

Oxford Mail: The sunglasses.The sunglasses. (Image: Newsquest)

However, upon opening the cardboard box, I was quickly disappointed to find something I hadn't ordered but instead a pair of thin, cheap-feeling orange lens sunglasses.

Left disappointed and with sunglasses that felt like they should belong in a kid's party bag, I looked over my haul and questioned if I would do it again.

Although Temu is cheap and you can get a lot for your buck, the quality of the product left me not wanting to spend any more money on the site and instead looking for better quality of cost.

But at least I got a cool microphone from the experience.