Beat The Chasers presenter Bradley Walsh was left perplexed after a bizarre encounter with a contestant on the ITV game show.

The episode took a strange and hilarious turn when a contestant named Tracey admitted to a speechless Bradley that she had applied for the wrong programme.

When she first appeared on the show, she almost tripped with things only getting weirder when she admitted that she enjoyed collecting stones before pulling one from her bra.

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She told Bradley Walsh: "You'd be amazed at what goes in a woman's bra. Lots of women go out and put things in their bra for the night" to which the bemused host responded: "Have you been drinking?"

Beat The Chasers contestant admits to applying for the wrong show as Bradley Walsh left speechless

Later on in the ITV show, she said: "When I was applying to be on the show I was speaking to the researcher and they asked me how many chasers I would take on. I said I'd only take on one. I thought I was coming on to do The Chase."

Bradley replied: "Okay, you know how it works don't you?" to which she replied that she does "now".


The Mirror reported that despite applying to the wrong show, she was able to beat the Chasers and walk away with £30,000.

Fans of the popular game show took to social media to express their response to the episode with one user writing: "Tracey thought she was applying to be on #TheChase? She's the perfect #TippingPoint contestant!"

Another viewer was convinced she knew what she was doing and had a strategy for winning the show, saying: "She knew exactly what she was doing. Play dumb, score low, get more time win more money."

One user said: "She wanted to be on #TheChase… but she #BeatTheChasers! Go figure!"