The rivalry of social media platforms is set to continue as TikTok has added a new feature to compete with Elon Musk’s X.

For the first time, the popular video-sharing app will allow users to post text-based content to challenge the use of Musk’s recent tech purchase, formerly known as Twitter.

It comes as competition among social media platforms has dramatically grown over the last few weeks following the launch of Threads, a spin-off of Meta-owned Instagram.

In a statement announced on Monday (July 24), TikTok said it aims to “empower our creators and community with innovative tools that inspire self-expression.”

It added: “Today we're thrilled to announce the expansion of text posts on TikTok, a new format for creating text-based content that broadens options for creators to share their ideas and express their creativity.

“With text posts, we're expanding the boundaries of content creation for everyone on TikTok, giving the written creativity we've seen in comments, captions, and videos a dedicated space to shine.”

TikTok explained the text feature will give even more options for content creation, allowing creators to share their stories, poems, recipes, and other written content on TikTok, “making it even easier to create.”

How to create a text-based post on TikTok as video app releases new feature

You can create a text-based post on TikTok when you access the camera page and from there you'll be able to choose from three options: photo, video, and text.

@barbrusa_social 💥TIKTOK UPDATE: text only posts are here. Will we use them? No idea or rather I already did in my devastatingly creative previous vid 👉🏼@Penny - Video Marketing Pro This couldn’t be more zero faff so could have legs. Use for: reminders, updates, testimonials, quotes, humour TikTok loves you using its new features so probs worth taking this one for a spin. Follow if you like TikTok updates 😁 #videoforbiz #tiktokupdate2023 #tiktokcoachforbusiness #howtotiktok #businessowneruk #zerofaffvideo #wotthetok #barbrusa ♬ original sound - Penny - Video Marketing Pro

When you select the text, you'll be directed to the text creation page and you can type out the content of your post.

Other features which can be added to a text post include stickers, tags, hashtags, background colour and sound.