Sky customers could be overpaying for the TV service amid a very common mistake affecting UK users.

Those paying a Sky TV subscription may be overcharged for the service, seeing customers pay more than they need to.

This is because Sky TV comes with Netflix as standard, seeing those with an older account paying double.

To avoid this overcharging, you should link you're old Netflix account to your Sky TV account, allowing you to avoid filling out any paperwork.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix through Apple amid overcharging fears

However, you may run into problems if you signed up to Netflix using Apple years ago when this service was still available.

Before 2018, it was possible to join Netflix using the details saved by Apple on your device but this has since changed with users being directed to sign up via the Netflix website.

The Sun reported that one customer was having issues with this, with the Apple user saying: "We have Netflix & recently got Sky Q, which already includes it."

They added: "The info said, Sky would sort it so that we weren't going to be charged for Netflix outwith (sic) our sky plan, but we're still being charged through our Apple account.

"How do we stop these payments, please?"

With some having difficulty syncing their accounts via Apple, this is one way you could do it.

Simply look at your iPhone's subscriptions by tapping settings, selecting your name and hitting subscriptions to see if Netflix is listed.

If you continue to have issues, contact Apple support to resolve the problem.

How do I cancel my Netflix if I get it from Sky?

Non-Apple users will have to contact Sky to cancel their Ultimate TV package to get out of the Netflix provided to them by the media company.

This is a 30-day rolling subscription much like normal Netflix.