TV chef James Martin has left fans in shock as he posted his latest Yorkshire foodie creation on social media.

The 51-year-old from Malton in North Yorkshire took to Twitter to show off a giant-sized Yorkshire pudding, posting the video with the caption “When a Yorkie makes a Yorkie.”

The host of his very own Saturday Morning Kitchen show pulled a frying pan out of the oven before revealing the classic roast dinner item which had risen remarkably well to his 729k followers.

Commenting on the success of his golden brown delight, one account asked: “What’s the secret, I’m a yorkie too (Riccall) but I can never get mine to rise.”

Another wrote: “This is epic, my idea of heaven!”

Someone else who was impressed said: “Now that is a proper Yorkshire starter wow x”

“Just seen The Holy Grail of Yorkies,” added this person.

Many were also tweeting what they would put with the Yorkshire pudding, saying: “OMG, yes please, imagine having bangers and mash in that.”

Have you ever created a giant Yorkshire pudding at home?

ITV's James Martin calls to ban 'horrendous' margarine

James certainly knows a thing or two about butter – so much so he even wrote a book all about the staple dairy product in 2021.

The book, titled ‘Butter’ features over 130 original recipes that you can make with one of James’ favourite ingredients - from savoury meals such as French onion soup to sweet deserts including cinnamon bread with a caramel butter dip.

Now, the ITV1 presenter is calling on the butter alternative margarine to be “banned” as he describes it as “two elements away from plastic”.

In an interview with The Sunday Post, he said: “Margarine should be banned. It’s dreadful, dreadful stuff, it’s two elements away from plastic, it’s horrendous stuff.

“It’s the ready-made food, it’s the packet food, the hidden salt, hidden fat. That’s the problem in this country.

"It's not the butter in a butter block or butter you put on your toast. It's the fact that not as many people cook in the UK as they do in France or Italy or Spain.”

James also adds that he prefers the “full-fat” stuff, he said: "We’ve always had full-fat milk, butter and cream. And that’s what we had. There wasn’t such a thing as semi-skimmed milk in our house."