Supermarket chain Morrisons has begun rationing the sale of produce due to shortages. 

The brand has rationed sales of peppers to just two packs per customer. 

The supply issue of peppers has not only affected Morrisons, with fellow supermarkets Tesco and Aldi also limiting sales. 

The issue is said to come following bad weather in Spain, seeing produce struggling to grow. 

Morrisons limit sales of peppers

Although poor weather is harming fruit and vegetables, farmers have also shared that they've warned retailers they are not being paid enough, according to The Mirror. 

Along with peppers, tomatoes are also being impacted, due to the cold weather in Morocco. 

Back in February, there was some warning that there could be shortages. 

As secretary of the Lea Valley Growers Association (LVGA), Lee Stiles said: "The majority of tomatoes, peppers and aubergines are not going to be around in big volumes until May."

At the time Morrisons also notified customers of the shortages, with signs posted at the store, saying: "Availability across our tomato range has been significantly impacted by adverse weather conditions across Spain and Morocco.

"The current shortage is likely to improve within a couple of weeks."