When going on holiday, many of us like to document our trip by taking photos of our surroundings as well as friends and family enjoying their time away.

We might even take some selfies whether that be when raising a glass or with a sunset behind us.

However, Brits who are planning a trip to Italy this summer will need to be aware of new rules that mean they could receive a fine for taking too long to snap pictures, the BBC reports.

A town called Portofino now has zones where people shouldn’t spend too long when trying to take pictures in popular areas.

Those who fail to comply with the new zones could be fined up to 275 euros (£242), according to the BBC.

Why has the rule been introduced?

The zones are in places which get really busy with visitors who gather to take pictures during the holiday season.

The town is located on the Italian Riviera between two gulfs. It’s situated to the southeast of Genoa and Genoa airport is around a one-hour drive.

Known as a ‘jewel of the Italian Riviera’, Portofino is a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new.

Its colour-washed houses and old-fashioned gelato shops sit side-by-side with glitzy YSL, Gucci and Armani boutiques.

Matteo Viacava, the Mayor of Portofino, claimed that tourists had caused ‘anarchic chaos’ by stopping to take pictures and had even been the cause of traffic jams and streets becoming blocked, the BBC reports.

The measures were first introduced during the Easter weekend and will be in place until October, every day from morning to 6pm, according to the BBC.

Rules relating to selfie-taking have also been enforced in the US, France and the UK.

New York and California don’t allow people to take selfies in zoos by law as well as in areas where dangerous wild animals, including tigers and bears, could be in the background while selfies are banned in some areas of the Tower of London, including where the crown jewels are kept, for security reasons, the BBC reports.