Ken Bruce is turning his popular PopMaster quiz show to our TV screens following a major Channel 4 announcement. 

The iconic music trivia game has delighted radio listeners for the past 25 years and it's now getting a six-part series with More 4, the broadcaster has confirmed.

The news comes after the 72-year-old Scottish broadcaster left his mid-morning BBC Radio 2 show in February after 31 years.

The BBC confirmed that Bruce would be replaced by presenter Vernon Kay from May 2023.

In April, the Radio DJ moved to Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio to present a new mid-morning show from 10 am to 1 pm.

Oxford Mail: Ken Bruce now presents a mid-morning show for Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio. (PA Newswire)Ken Bruce now presents a mid-morning show for Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio. (PA Newswire) (Image: PA Newswire)

Speaking about the PopMaster announcement, Ken Bruce said: "After all these years we are finally bring PopMaster to the telly where we'll be challenging music lovers from around the country to not only recall a range of facts and stats about chart toppers and beyond over the decades, but to do so under the glare of studio lights and with the added pressure of television cameras.

"I can't wait to get started - and find out whether I might have a face for TV after all!"

What is PopMaster?

Two players are asked a series of questions which puts their knowledge of popular music from the 1950s to the present day to the test. 

There is a total of 39 points with each question being worth three points unless its the third, sixth or ninth bonus questions (which are worth six) and come from a vague topic chosen by the contestant at the beginning.

Once both players answer 10 questions, the winner goes on to play ‘Three-in-Ten’ which is a segment where they have to name three UK Singles Chart hits for one particular artist or group.

What will the new PopMaster TV show be like?

The TV version "will honour the much loved music quiz with a few surprises thrown in," Channel 4 has said.

The More4 series will also see contestants compete but the winner of each episode will advance into a grand final, where only one can be crowned overall champion.

Jo Street, Channel 4's Head of Features & Daytime, said: "I feel like it has been my mission in life to bring PopMaster to the telly so I am beyond thrilled to announce that the wonderful Ken Bruce is bringing his iconic and much-loved  format from radio to television, finding a home on More4.

"Fans will now be able to go from shouting answers at their speakers to shouting them at the screen. I can’t wait to play along!”

Fans of the hit radio quiz have flooded social media with their thoughts following the news.

One social media user posted: "Ken Bruce in phase one of the Popmaster Cinematic Universe."

A second person wrote: "Buying the rights to Popmaster must be the best decision Ken ever made."

While a third added: "Great to hear Ken Bruce back on the radio. #popmaster is still the best radio quiz."