Dogs were channelling their inner Lord Sugar on week ten of BBC's The Apprentice as candidates took on the dog food challenge. 

It comes as viewers of the business show saw shared their dog's reactions on Twitter. 

As one user shared a snap of her pup, saying he wasn't keen: "Cody's reaction to the dog food challenge on #TheApprentice....he's not keen on bugs"

Whilst another who shared their dogs an unusual snack, shared that even they were confused: "My dog, who today dug up a fossilised cat poo for a snack, wondering why they are making a worm roast dinner."

One viewer joked that their dog could've done better than the candidates, saying: "Who is watching #TheApprentice I don’t think much to this dog food design. would do a better job myself! Bowie to win The Apprentice."

What happened in week ten of BBC The Apprentice 2023?

This week saw the two tasked with creating a dog food brand, tasked to create a dish, packaging and an overall brand.

With Megan Hornby in charge of her team apex alongside Dani Donovan and Simba Rwambiwa and on team two, Victoria Goulbourne leading team affinity with Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Anthony. 

One member from each team was tasked with creating the dish whilst the two pairs created their marketing campaign. 

Dani and Simba were often butting heads as they struggled to agree on a style and vision, resulting in mixed feedback from industry experts.

Whilst Marnie and Victoria were creating their team's packaging and marketing, the pair worked well together but Victoria did feel that Marnie only wanted it to go her way. 

The winning group was team affinity after they gained the most sales and received better feedback for the judges and industry experts.