New TikTok trend alert! This moon phase calculator has gone viral on the app and here's how you can play. 

The video-sharing app is no stranger to a trend with users jumping on everything from dance crazes to personality quizzes.

The latest fad involves TikTokers matching up the phase of the moon on the day that they were born with their partners to see their 'compatibility'.

The better your moon phase fits together with another person, the more likely that you are 'soulmates', the trend says.

Oxford Mail: Here's how you can play the Moon phases TikTok calculator ( Canva)Here's how you can play the Moon phases TikTok calculator ( Canva) (Image: PA)

Whether you're a sucker for all things star signs or you just fancy joining in on the fun, here's everything you need to know. 

How to calculate your moon phase compatibility on TikTok

All you need to do is follow these ten steps to try it for yourself:

  1. Firstly, visit the moonphases website and enter your birthday
  2. Next, screenshot the moon phase and crop it the way that you like it.
  3. You then need to enter your partner's information and crop the moon phase to the same size.
  4. Moving away from the Moonphases website, you should ensure that you have downloaded the CapCut app ahead of time.
  5. This is where you can go to TikTok find a video doing the soulmate trend using the CapCut template. ( simply search moon phase soulmates if it's not all over your FYP already!)
  6. You can then select ‘CapCut Try this template,’ then ‘Use template in CapCut.’
  7. In CapCut, tap ‘use template.’
  8. From ‘Photos,’ select your two images of the moon, then ‘preview.’
  9. From here, you can edit the text to change it to your and your partner’s birthdays.
  10. Click ‘Add sound in TikTok’ to export it


Users have been flooding social media with their thoughts and results.

One fan commented on Twitter: "I love the moon phase soulmate trend on tiktok because I was born under a full moon which means I don’t need anyone to complete me and that’s oddly reassuring."

A second person shared: "the moon phase trend on tiktok got me."

While a third user wrote: "me: Whatever I’m so over him like I’m done also me: does the moon phase TikTok trend for the two of us."

While a fourth chimed in: "this partner moon phase trend on tiktok is just going to make me more delusional."