A TikTok DIY 'hack' has gone viral but experts have warned that it could actually cause damage if homeowners go ahead with it.

With the cost of living continuing to rise, many people have turned to hacks and tips to help save money around the house.

The video, posted by @decoratorsforumuk, has more than 21 million views and suggests to followers that they should cover any hole in a wall of their house with a piece of paper and then paint over it.

Although the account is known for posting DIY hacks in jest, experts at The Paint Shed have warned homeowners not to be caught out by the humour of the video because trying to fill in a hole as the video suggests will only make things worse.

@decoratorsforumuk I know it isn't the 'perfect fix', but as a decorator, I know that this is fine on most jobs... #diy #homedecor #diyhacks #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Back In Black - AC/DC

Why you shouldn't fill a hole in your wall with a piece of paper

It’s not recommended for a number of reasons but most importantly it doesn’t fix the hole in the wall.

The Paint Shed explained that not long after the piece of paper is painted over, the wet paint will seep through the paper revealing the hole once again.

If the paint doesn’t seep through, bubbles of air would appear where the piece of paper is since there’s air behind the wall.

The experts say that most walls can be pretty tough against bangs or barges but that if you were to knock into the wall, it would reveal the hole again.

A hole in the wall also reduces a layer of insulation and paper won't keep you warm meaning that cold will get into your home pretty quickly and this can become expensive especially with the current cost of heating.

How to fix a hole in the wall

The Paint Shed has also shared tips for how to actually fix a hole in the wall.

Clean the hole

Remove any drywall debris and anything else that’s loose from around the hole in the wall, followed by the area that’s being sanded so it’s smooth.

Brace it

Place a piece of hardboard through the hole. This should provide backing by being screwed in using drywall screws. It should be long enough to extend at least 1 inch past the edge of the hole on either side.

Prepare the patch

Take a piece of drywall and measure it to check it’s the right size before cutting it with a knife.

Once done, place it in the opening and use a screwdriver to attach it to the piece of wood behind.

Place mesh tape

Put mesh tape around the former hole on the seams.

Joint compound

Place joint compound over the mesh tape and screws – it’s best to use a putty knife for this.

It should be left to dry once that’s done.

Sand the wall

When the compound is dry, look for any imperfections. These will need to be sanded until the wall is as smooth as the rest of the wall.

Time to paint

When you’re happy with the repair, you’ll need to paint over it so it matches the rest of your wall. Use a primer first then your choice of paint.