Going away on holiday abroad is a yearly treat that many enjoy, with a chance to get away from normal life for a bit and relax.

However, due to the cost of living crisis putting pressure on most people's finances, it might be less likely that people can afford to go away this year.

There are some ways to make some savings in the process of booking and travelling for a holiday, Norton Finance claims.

This includes booking your holiday on a certain day of the week and even travelling on a specific day.

Oxford Mail: Travelling on a certain day of the week can help you make some savings for a holidayTravelling on a certain day of the week can help you make some savings for a holiday (Image: PA)

How to make savings on booking your holiday

Book your holiday on a Wednesday

Holiday prices often fluctuate throughout the week, so it's best to avoid booking on weekends, Sky News reports.

Norton Finance recommends booking on a Wednesday, which is likely to create a 5% saving if you tried to do so on a Wednesday.

Travel for your holiday on a Tuesday

Norton Finance's research has found that early/or mid-week flights (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) are cheaper overall.

Flying on these days saves an average of 12% compared to flying out on a weekend.

Opt for an all-inclusive

All-inclusive and full-board holidays make it easier to stick to a budget as there are little or no extra costs.

Just make sure you check the terms and conditions as what's included in deals can vary between hotels. 

Look for packages

Booking independently often allows holidaymakers more flexibility, but packages tend to work out cheaper overall.

They also tend to offer more protection if things go wrong.