TikTok's popularity as a site has seen a whole host of bizarre and random things become popular or trend on the social media platform

Several videos about a pink sauce are one of the latest things to go viral.

A pink sauce, created by the TikTok user Chef Carly Pii, has become incredibly popular, with many people seen pouring it onto their food.

As reported by Elite Daily, the Pink Sauce first appeared on @chef.pii’s TikTok account on June 11 in a more purple tone than what is currently being seen.

It eventually became available to purchase for $20 a bottle on July 1 and sold out pretty quickly.

What the sauce tasted like was what may have drawn some people to buy the product, as Chef Pii described it as having “its own taste".

When people tried the pink sauce, it appeared to be similar to a sweet ranch dressing.

There have been controversies surrounding the product since it went on sale, as users have alleged the sauce’s colour appears inconsistent throughout multiple videos and that orders have not been safely delivered to people who bought bottles.

Some also questioned whether it was safe to consume, but Chef Pii said in a video that the product was made in a facility that’s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and in line with FDA standards.

How to make the pink sauce

A method of how to make the pink sauce has not been shared on Chef Pii's TikTok account.

If you were curious about its ingredients the Pink Sauce website lists the condiment’s main ingredients as honey, chilli, garlic, sunflower seed oil and dragon fruit.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the product's early label had a more complete list: water, sunflower seed oil, raw honey, distilled vinegar, garlic, pitaya, pink Himalayan sea salt and less than 2% dried spices, lemon juice, milk and citric acid.