The ITV show Loose Women has received hundreds of complaints from Ofcom due to a debate between presenters Janet Street-Porter and Charlene White on the Ukraine refugee crisis.

As reported by Yahoo News, Street-Porter and White were discussing claims that people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine were stopped from doing so because of the colour of their skin.

Ofcom confirmed that they received 213 complaints, with 180 of those related to comments made during a discussion about minority ethnic refugees fleeing Ukraine and 33 being related to a discussion about racism and the Ukraine crisis.

In the episode broadcast on March 1, White said: "In the midst of all this — of people trying to flee their homes, dodge bullets and bombs and bombardment — they still have time for racism."

She continued: "There are thousands of Black, Asian, Syrian students and workers who have also been trying to get out of Ukraine and have been prevented from doing so because of incessant racism. There are posters up saying 'no blacks', they're being pulled off buses trying to get through because they're not allowed to leave because they've been seen as being less than."

Street-Porter then countered: "On the news last night they did show how badly they had been treated and the effort it had taken for them to cross the border. But I also think that Poland has exceeded all expectations in accepting 150,000 refugees."

Criticism came in for Street-Porter not understanding the point White had been making.

One Twitter user posted: "Well done to Charlene for the pushback against Janet Street-Porter; I've been disappointed in her for years. Admired her so much growing up."