If Veganuary has gone well for you and you’re planning on keeping up what was just intended as a New Year resolution, don’t fret because there are plenty of products out there to help you maintain your new lifestyle.

M&S is just one of many brands that have created or revamped their plant-based ranges to help more people try out a new lifestyle.

Marks and Spencer’s plant-based range is full of goodies for when you feel like eating healthy, quick or if you fancy a little treat.

We’ve put together some of our favourite pieces from the range that we think will keep your resolutions on the right track.

M&S Plant-Based range


Nothing says winter comfort food like spaghetti and meatballs. And vegans, this isn’t one you have to sacrifice!

The M&S Eat Well veggie balls are made from savoury vegan mince, onions and M&S Select Farm mushrooms.

Oxford Mail: (M&S)(M&S)


Life without pizza is no life at all. And while some vegan pizzas can be bland and boring, the Plant Kitchen is nothing of the sort.

The hand-stretched sourdough base is topped with vegan pepperoni, creamy “not’zarella”, pickled jalapeño chillies, spicy Roquito® chillies and tomato sauce with hot smoked paprika. What more could you want!


Lasagne is another one of those hearty meals that you never want to give up. And thanks to M&S, now you don’t have to.

Made with pea protein and a delicious vegan bechamel, this one tastes just as good as the meat alternative.

Oxford Mail: (M&S)(M&S)

Pretzel roll

Long are the days that vegans can only eat vegetables and pasta. And this incredible New York-style no-salt-beef pretzel roll is as good as it sounds.

A vegan no-salt-beef pretzel roll with sauerkraut, pickled dill cucumber, mustard dressing and vegan cheese. Mouth-watering stuff!

Sweet treat

After enjoying all your savoury feast, why not finish your meal off with some chocolate pudding?

This Chocolate sponge cake is layered with chocolate frosting, Belgian chocolate sauce, decorated with dark chocolate biscuit pieces & dark chocolate chips.

Find out more about the M&S Plant Kitchen range on the website here.