Wild swimming is a pastime that has risen in popularity in recent years, according to the house building company David Wilson Homes (DWH).

According to Google, there have been 120,900 searches for wild swimming over the course of 2020-2021, with this figure up by 70% from the 71,200 searches made in 2019-2020. 

For those potentially interested in trying it out DWH looked through the Wild Swimming website to find the best places to go for it.

They looked on the site for locations that had the most five star reviews as well as gathering additional data from TripAdvisor and National Trust for each location to discover the facilities in close proximity.

In total they listed ten of the best locations, which stretched from Devon, to Wales and all the way up to Scotland.

Oxford Mail: Wild swimming has grown in popularity in the UK (PA)Wild swimming has grown in popularity in the UK (PA)

What are the ten best wild swimming locations to go to in the UK?

Tarr Steps in Barle, Devon

Situated in Devon the Tarr Steps is a great place to visit when exploring Exmoor National Park and remains a popular choice with children for paddling.

The Wash Pool in Irfon, Powys

This location boasts a pleasant picnic spot and is a hidden gem in the Welsh countryside.

It holds a wide open pool where those in the know have made use of for some time.

Watkin Path in Gwynedd

The other Wales location on the list is Watkin Path which can be found in Gwynedd.

It encompasses an extended series of pools and falls nearby Snowdon, which have proved to be popular with walkers.

Loup Scar in the Yorkshire Dales

Going a bit further north now we have Loup Scar which is set among the Yorkshire Dales alongside a grassy riverside.

Soldier's Leap in Perthshire

Scotland's representation on this list is Soldier's Leap in Perthshire, which has a beautiful wide gorge opening out into a large, still river pond.

Tanners Lane Beach in Hampshire

This is described as a "great location for pool swimming" by DWH, with a long stretch of beast eastwards of the location.

River Chelmer in Essex

The River Chelmer in Essex is another popular spot than can provide a picturesque walk once the swim is over.

Minster Lovell in Windrush, Oxfordshire

Another river in a picturesque location is Minster Lovell, where the water is just over one metre deep and incredibly clear.

Lugg Meadow in Herefordshire

This is situated just outside Hereford, and its bendy waters make it a perfect place to cool off in the summer.