Have you ever needed to go but there was nowhere for you to go?

We've all been there but now Check My Body Health has the answers to all your prayers with their Top 30 list of UK cities with access to public toilets and pharmacies.

Check My Body Health have analysed and ranked each UK city based on the number of public toilets and pharmacies available there. 

St Asaph in Wales comes out top in the list with a score of 68.8 out of a possivle 100. 

Oxford Mail: St David is second on the list of the UK cities with the most public toilets. Credit: Check My Body HealthSt David is second on the list of the UK cities with the most public toilets. Credit: Check My Body Health

This is because it has a total of 13 public faciilties in the city with 46.15% of them beign accessible.

Welsh cities top the league table with St David's coming in second place and Bangor coming in third.

Although, it's the UK's smallest city, St David's has 19 publicly-available toilets within 10 miles of the city centre.

On the flip side, Peterborough falls at the bottom of the list, with a toilet score of just 0.4 with roughly one public toilet per 11,477 people.

London, Aberdeen and Cardiff also rank in the bottom four as the cities with the worst access to public facitlites.

The research is designed to help people suffering from digestive illnesses or intolerance symptoms.

Oxford Mail: Where are all the public toilets. Credit: Cotton Bro via PexelsWhere are all the public toilets. Credit: Cotton Bro via Pexels

Since it can be very worrying not to know where the nearest facitilies and pharmacies are available to you.

Londonderry/Derry was ranked the area with the most accessible toilets in the UK.

The accessibility top 10 list also includes popular destinations like Edinburgh (3rd), Brighton & Hove (5th), Sheffield (7th) and Bristol (10th), with all of these cities having public toilet accessibility percentages of more than 43%.

Sian Baker, Head of Wellbeing Services and Registered Nutritional Therapist at Check My Body Health said:"It’s great to see that so many cities have good access to pharmacies and public toilet facilities to help cater to visitors with additional needs.

“It’s brilliant to see some smaller, often overlooked cities such as St Davids, Chichester and Wells making it into the top ten, as well as some more popular city destinations such as Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester.

”However, with some cities seeing the equivalent of thousands of people per public toilet, there is definitely plenty of room to improve our access to these facilities, particularly that 74% of the public said there weren’t enough toilets in their area in 2019.”

See the full list below, where did your city rank?

What cities have the most public toilets in the UK?

  1. St Asaph - 68.8
  2. St David's - 56.1
  3. Bangor - 25.8
  4. Chichester - 25.1
  5. Wells -24.0
  6. Lichfield - 20.2
  7. Truro - 18.8
  8.  Salford - 16.5
  9. Stirling - 12.7
  10. Armagh - 10.3
  11. Newcastle upon Tyne - 10.1
  12. Manchester - 9.9
  13. Ripon- 9.0
  14. St Albans- 8.8
  15. Ely- 8.4
  16. Bath- 8.3
  17. Portsmouth- 8.2
  18. Preston- 8.1   
  19. + Newry- 8.1
  20. Wolverhampton- 8.0
  21. Salisbury- 7.5
  22. = Norwich- 7.5
  23. Nottingham- 7.4
  24. Liverpool- 7.3
  25. Stoke-on-Trent- 7.0
  26. Belfast- 6.7
  27. = Chester- 6.7
  28. Durham - 6.6
  29. Leicester- 6.5
  30. =Brighton & Hove6.5