If Covid hospitalisations continue to rise the beginning of a firebreak lockdown could be seen in the UK.

The government has reportedly put plans together to schedule another lockdown. It comes after a senior government scientist revealed the UK is about to begin “an extended peak.”

When could a firebreak lockdown happen in the UK?

A firebreak lockdown could be introduced in the UK in October, bringing some changes with it.

What is a firebreak lockdown?

A firebreak lockdown means that the UK could see some restrictions fall back into place.

The i newspaper reported that October half term could be extended to a fortnight rather than a week, after it spoke to SAGE.

A full lockdown is unlikely but some characteristics of one could return such as travel restrictions.

While a full lockdown would be seen as the last resort, an extended school half term which leads into early November could be used to halt hospitalisations.

The government are reportedly considering the reintroduction of social distancing and a limit on social gatherings meaning face coverings could also make a return.