Comedian Joe Lycett is to present a life drawing programme, the BBC has announced.

A new series of Life Drawing Live! will air on BBC Two and BBC Four. The show is described as the UK’s largest ever “live, life drawing masterclass”.

The two-hour special will feature life models disrobing and assuming poses inspired by great works of art, producers said.

Lycett will present the programme across both BBC channels and presenter Josie d’Arby will assess the work of the viewers who take part from home.

Artists Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie are set to guide famous faces through the poses, according to the broadcaster.

On BBC Two, viewers can watch the amateur drawers use their artistic skills, while on BBC Four artist Nicky Philipps will share details about the artworks that inspired the poses.

Lycett, 33, said: “Like many people I found great solace from making art during lockdown and am really excited to help get the nation creative through learning about life drawing. Any nudity is just an added bonus!”

Life Drawing Live! will be broadcast from English Heritage’s Wrest Park in Bedfordshire in September.