Good Morning Britain presenter and journalist Piers Morgan is not afraid to speak his mind which has led to some memorable take-downs.

Often landing himself in hot water over some of his more controversial remarks, the host is no stranger to asking the difficult questions on most of our lips. 

His most recent comments challenging Matt Hancock caused a stir online with many people applauding Piers for taking the Health Secretary to town over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the stormy opening of the interview Piers asked: “Why are you still Health Secretary and why haven’t you offered your resignation?”

Celebrating online, many people on Twitter agreed with Pier’s comments. Although as is commonplace with Good Morning Britain, lots of people also disagreed with his approach toward the Health Secretary.

Something we can all agree on however is that this was one juicy take-down to watch and what do viewers love more? 

Here’s a look at some of Piers Morgan’s most savage take-downs in his five years on Good Morning Britain: 

Piers clashes with Tory MP Andrew Bridges 

The interview was broadcast after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s address setting out the UK’s lockdown exit plan on May 11. The plan left many people with questions about what they could or could not do. 

“But you’re fat too” - Piers and model Angelina Duplisea 

Back in 2019 Miley Cyrus sparked controversy for featuring plus-size model Angelina Duplisea in the music video for her single 'Mother's Daughter'. 

With far too much time on their hands, critics suggested featuring Angelina in the video was glorifying obesity. 

In the heated argument the pair battle  between what they believe is right and wrong to be represented to the public. 

After fat-shaming the model, Angelina bites back at Piers telling him he's "fat too" and suggesting maybe he shouldn’t be on TV. 

Is chivalry dead?

Back in 2017 one of the biggest debates Piers had was over the age old tradition of chivalry, but should men really hold the door open for women anymore? 

Explosive clash with LGBTQ+ campaigner Munroe Bergdorf 

After claiming he believes gender fluidity to be “nonsense” and the use of the phrase ‘womxn’ in solidarity to be “nuts” Piers went off on a tirade about his beliefs and views on trans issues.

This tirade gained a huge backlash from the LGBTQ+ community online and Munroe’s supporters. 

Trump’s visit to the UK 

In the run up to President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in 2018 the GMB team debated the legitimacy of ongoing protests around his visit.

Thousands were expected to protest his arrival, one of them being Ash Sarkar who got into a heated debate with Piers on why she will be protesting. 

Have we missed out your most memorable Piers moment? Let us know in the comments.