Blur drummer and former parliamentary candidate Dave Rowntree has backed Liz Kendall to be the Labour Party's next leader.

The musician, a keen Labour activist who stood against Tory candidate Mark Field in the 2010 general election, said the Leicester West MP has ideas that would cast off the party's "dull structure".

Speaking ahead of Britpop favourites Blur's headline show at Hyde Park, he said: "I have a sneaky suspicion it will be Liz Kendall, and if so I think she will make a great Labour leader.

"She's forward-looking rather than backward-looking. She's got lots of interesting ideas.

"The Labour Party used to be a Labour movement, so the people that can rekindle the movement and knock down the rather dull structures that the party has evolved will be the person that deserves to lead us in the next general election.

"She has ideas for doing just that."