MOTHER-of-two Marie Carlucci has spoken of her shock after both her sons suffered broken legs when a metal fence fell on them.

Mrs Carlucci, 33, wants to warn other parents to stay clear of the railings that fell on her sons Arthur, four, and Remi, two, after she picked up Arthur from primary school in Warborough.

Mrs Carlucci, a biologist who works at Oxford Science Park, said the accident happened on a pathway off Thame Road on Friday, February 4.

She said: “I picked up Arthur from school with Remi.

“I was talking to another mum when Arthur climbed on to the bridge railing which is supposed to prevent people from falling into a ditch. The railing suddenly fell on his legs and on his brother’s legs.

“It was so heavy that I had to get help from another mum so we could lift it off the boys’ legs.

“They were both screaming and neither of them could stand up.

“They will be in plaster for about six weeks.

“The railing is now lying on the ground and we are trying to find out which organisation is responsible for it.

“You would think it would be safe to walk around a village like Warborough on the way back from school and we don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

“It’s lucky the accident wasn’t more serious, but I don’t know why the railing was left in such an unstable state.

“Every time we try to talk to Arthur about what happened he starts to cry – I think he is still traumatised.”

Mrs Carlucci, who lives with her husband Marc, 32, a self-employed IT consultant, in Wilding Road, Wallingford, added: “Arthur’s left tibia has been broken just below the knee and Remi has the same injury on his right leg.

“Arthur could have been crushed if he had been in a different position.”

Nicole Cooper, headteacher of St Laurence CofE Primary School in Thame Road, Warborough, said the pathway was about a quarter of a mile from the school.

She added: “There are 65 pupils at the school and I have emailed all the parents to let them know what happened and to remind them that their children shouldn’t climb on gates and railings.”

Marcus Mabberley, a spokesman for the county council, said: “Our records show that this railing is not on land that the county council is responsible for.

“Council officers, however, visited the site and will erect some temporary plastic barriers to warn passers-by of the possible hazard.

“The council will also investigate who owns the land in order to inform the landowners of the situation.”