THE local election results for Oxford County Council are set to be announced today.

This article will be updated as results come in.

You can follow live updates from the count at Banbury's Spiceball leisure centre here.

Burford & Carterton North

Nick Field-Johnson: Conservative- 1404 votes ELECTED

Rosie Pearson: Green Party- 488 votes

David Richard Melvin: Liberal Democrats- 338 votes

Banbury Ruscote

Jayne Claire Strangwood: Conservative- 1173 votes ELECTED

Mark David Cherry: Labour & Co-operative Party- 795 votes

Steve Buckwell: Liberal Democrats- 133 votes

Carterton South & West

Nick Leverton: Conservative- 1558 votes ELECTED

Pete Handley: Independent- 425 votes

Sian Priscilla Florence O'Neill: Labour & Co-operative Party- 265 votes

David Michael Cole: Liberal Democrats- 182 votes

Hemashu Kotecha: Green Party- 170 votes


Dan Levy: Liberal Democrats- 2115 votes ELECTED

Sean James Grace: Conservative- 1808 votes

Max Peter Bell: Labour Party- 331 votes

Banbury Hardwick

Tony Ilott: Conservative- 1200 votes ELECTED

Rebecca Louise Crompton Biegel: Labour Party- 1089 votes

Christopher John Manley: Green Party- 206 votes

James Henry Dean Hartley: Liberal Democrats- 112 votes

Stephen Christopher Hartley: Reform UK- 70 votes

Charlbury & Wychwood

Liz Leffman: Liberal Democrats- 1900 votes ELECTED

Jenny Tamsin Evanson: Conservative- 1490 votes

Sue Richards: Labour & Co-operative Party- 328 votes

Frances Mortimer: Green Party- 299 votes

Didcot East & Hagbourne

Jane Murphy: Conservative- 1243 votes ELECTED

Mocky Khan: Labour & Co-operative Party- 877 votes

Gautam David Chandran: Liberal Democrats- 338 votes

Sarah Victoria Sharp: Green Party- 285 votes

Chipping Norton

Geoff Saul: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1528 votes ELECTED

Maz Holland: Conservative - 1468 votes

Malcolm Wilson Brown: Green Party- 390 votes

Ivan Aguado Melet: Liberal Democrats- 201 votes


Tim Bearder: Liberal Democrats- 2151 votes ELECTED

Fiona Alison Ardern: Conservative - 1088 votes

Phil Bloomer: Labour Party- 313 votes


Brad Todd Baines: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1671 votes ELECTED

Nuala Ann Young: Green Party- 734 votes

David William Bowkett: Liberal Democrats- 372 votes

Georgina Ruth Gibbs: Conservative- 343 votes

Hakeem Yousaf: 181 votes

Jericho & Osney

Susanna Pressel: Labour Party- 1760 votes ELECTED

Sarah Janet Edwards: Green Party- 583 votes

Katherine Rebecca Norman: Liberal Democrats-382 votes

William Arthur Henry Hall: Conservative- votes 280

Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst

Glynis Mary Phillips: Labour- 1234 votes ELECTED

Chloe Chantel Dobbs: Conservative- 441 votes

Andrew Martyn Heaver: Liberal Democrats- 401 votes

Liz Taylor: Green Party- 306 votes

Chaka Artwell: Independent- 248 votes


Bethia Jane Thomas: Liberal Democrats- 1761 votes ELECTED

David Geoffrey Berners Leigh-Pemberton: Conservative- 1129 votes

Rachel Margaret Williams: Labour Party- 282 votes 

Headington & Quarry

Roz Smith: Liberal Democrats- 1784 votes ELECTED

Trish Elphinstone: Labour Party- 1420 votes

Ady Wright: Conservative- 419 votes

Ray Hitchins: Green Party- 294 votes

Iffley Fields & St Mary's

Damian Joel Haywood: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1568 votes ELECTED

Chris Jarvis: Green Party- 1373 votes

Simon James Bazley: Conservative- 175 votes

Theodore Ernest Jupp: Liberal Democrats- 111 votes

Francis Xavier O'Neill: Freedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews- 38 votes


Charles Benjamin Hicks: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1903 votes ELECTED

Hazel Frances Dawe: Green Party- 604 votes

Johnson Kyeswa: Conservative- 372 votes

Dave Henwood: Independent- 285 votes

Judith Anne Harley: Independent- 217 votes

Eleonore Rebecca Vogel: Liberal Democrats- 121 votes

Abingdon South

Neil Fawcett: Liberal Democrats- 1769 votes ELECTED

Christopher Francis Palmer: Conservative- 1146 votes

Arjun Bais: Labour Party- 303 votes

Eladia Posthill: Reform UK- 127 votes


Pete Sudbury: Green Party- 2111 votes ELECTED

Lee Mark Upcraft: Conservative- 1183 votes

George Douglas Ryall: Labour Party- 290 votes

Churchill & Lye Valley

Liz Brighouse: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1521 votes ELECTED

Timothy Douglas Patmore: Conservative Party - 458 votes

Matthew David Elliott: Green Party- 319 votes

Adam Charles Povey: Liberal Democrats- 180 votes

Sonning Common

David Christopher Bartholomew: Conservative Party- 1938 votes ELECTED

Jo Robb: Green Party- 1010 votes

Dominic Rowland Rhys Fawcett: Labour Party- 286 votes

Marie Sarah Mason: Freedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews- 71 votes

North Hinksey

Judy Roberts: Liberal Democrats- 2008 votes ELECTED

Jenny Jane Jackson: Conservative Party - 861 votes

Jamie Richard Spooner: Labour Party- 405 votes

Katherine Elizabeth Phillips: Green Party- 292 votes

Antony Scott Houghton: Independent- 147 votes

Sutton Courtenay & Marcham

Richard John Webber: Liberal Democrats- 1756 votes ELECTED

James Richard Plumb: Conservative Party- 1439 votes

Stuart Anthony Jarvis: Labour Party- 409 votes

Kennington & Radley

Bob Johnston: Liberal Democrats- 1892 votes ELECTED

Ed Blagrove: Conservative Party- 1215 votes

Tom Gaston: Green Party- 247 votes

Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady: Labour Party-188 votes

Abingdon East

Alison Rosemary Rooke: Liberal Democrats- 1604 votes ELECTED

David James Pope: Conservative Party- 961 votes

Cheryl Karen Briggs: Green Party- 281 votes

Edward Frederick James Shelton: Labour Party- 250 votes

Jill Kirkwood: Freedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews- 47 votes

Hanborough & Minster Lovell

Liam Martin Simon Walker: Conservative Party- 2059 votes ELECTED

Lidia Kamilla Arciszewska: Liberal Democrats-1035 votes

Angela Mary Wilson: Green Party- 428 votes

Judith Frances Wardle: Labour & Co-operative Party- 405 votes

Dave Baldwin: The Burning Pink Party- 35 votes

Witney North & East

Duncan Shaw Thomas Enright: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1606 votes ELECTED

Dean Temple: Conservative Party- 1216 votes

Andrew Peter Prosser: Green Party- 943 votes

Richard Andrew Langridge: Reform UK- 240 votes

Witney South & Central

Andrew Stanley Coles: Labour Party- 1415 votes ELECTED

Ben Woodruff: Conservative Party- 1297 votes

Harriet Lorna Mary Kopinska: Green Party- 235 votes

Andy Bailey: Liberal Democrats- 206 votes

Adrian Henry-Wyatt: Independent- 71 votes

Mark William Bezerra Speeks: Reform UK- 42 votes


Imade Uzoma Edosomwan: Labour Party- 1205 votes ELECTED

Paul John Sims: Conservative Party- 355 votes

David Rudolf Newman: Green Party- 178 votes

Paul Giesberg: Liberal Democrats- 104 votes

Lorenzo De Gregori: The For Britain Movement- 63 votes

Marston & Northway

Mark Robert Lygo: Labour Party- 1430 votes ELECTED

Alistair David Pryce Morris: Green Party- 899 votes

Mark Bhagwandin: Conservative Party- 707 votes

Joanna Elizabeth Steele: Liberal Democrats- 245 votes

Mark Andrew Norton Boulle: Freedom Alliance- 50 votes

Wolvercote & Summertown

Andrew John Gant: Liberal Democrats- 1853 votes ELECTED

Andrew Siantonas: Labour Party- 688 votes

Katherine Hayley Louise Kettle: Conservative Party- 604 votes

Sheila Cameron: Green Party- 548 votes

Didcot West

Ian Kenneth Snowdon: Conservative Party- 1812 votes ELECTED

Denise Ann MacDonald: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1402 votes

Olly Glover: Liberal Democrats- 498 votes

Chalgrove & Watlington

Freddie Van Mierlo: Liberal Democrats- 2174 votes ELECTED

Steve Harrod: Conservative Party- 1611 votes

Jake Brown: Labour Party- 282 votes

Rose Hill & Littlemore

Michele Valerie Anna Paule: Labour & Co-operative Party- 1537 votes ELECTED

Daniel Stafford: Conservative Party- 516 votes

Kevin Nicholas McGlynn: Green Party- 385 votes

Michael Anthony Evans: Independent- 341 votes

Christopher Stephen Frederick Smowton: Liberal Democrats- 158 votes

Berinsfield & Garsington

Robin Francis Bennett: Green Party- 1915 votes ELECTED

Elizabeth Lorraine Lindsay-Gale: Conservative Party- 1205 votes

Crispin Flintoff: Labour Party- 262 votes


Stefan John Gawrysiak: Henley Residents Group- 2295 votes ELECTED

Bruce Paul Harrison: Conservative Party- 949 votes

Stephen Mark Herbert: Labour Party- 328 votes

Vivienne Jane Lee: Freedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews- 110 votes

Kingston & Cumnor

Juliette Katherine Christie Ash: Conservative Party- 2189 votes ELECTED

Paul Andrew Barrow: Liberal Democrats- 1766 votes

Maurice Paul O'Donoghue: Labour Party- 395 votes

Abingdon North

Nathan Benjamin Ley: Liberal Democrats- 1978 votes ELECTED

Charlotte Idrizuru Njeru: Conservative Party- 1234 votes

Norma Elizabeth Queralt: Labour Party- 323 votes

Michel Arthur Germain Grandjean: Green Party- 276 votes

Geoff Sandford: Freedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews- 54 votes

Grove and Wantage

Jenny Hannaby: Liberal Democrats -3062 ELECTED

Nicola Jane Murdoch Hanna: Liberal Democrats - 2728 ELECTED

Louise Brown:Conservative - 1941votes

Ben Mabbett: Conservative - 1926 votes

Kerstin Sonja Fischer-Johnston: Green Party - 588 votes

Louis Antoine Hall: Labour - 534 votes

Charlotte Faith Cowen: Labour Party - 520 votes

Benson & Cholsey

Felix Peter Bloomfield: Conservative - 1519 votes ELECTED

Katharine Stephanie Benedicta Keats-Rohan: Liberal Democrats - 1499 votes

Sean Michael Hannigan: Labour - 577 votes

Maryse Therese Pomlett: Social Democratic Party - 74 votes


Yvonne Jean Constance: Conservative - 1944 votes ELECTED

Katherine Foxhall: Green Party - 1490 votes

Evelyne Godfrey: Labour & Co-operative Party - 290

Didcot Ladygrove

David Rouane: Liberal Democrats - 845 votes ELECTED

Alan Roy Thompson: Conservative Party - 802 votes

Nick Hards: Labour & Co-operative Party - 452 votes

St Margaret's

John Orrell Howson: Liberal Democrats - 1312 votes ELECTED

Christopher Mark Dobell Hull: Labour Party 1220 votes

Penelope Anne Lenon: Conservative 565 votes

Christopher Frank William Goodall: Green Party 497 votes

Hendreds and Harwell

Sally Louise Povolotsky: Liberal Democrats - 1964 votes ELECTED

Amos Gordon Lundie: Conservative Party - 1792 votes

Pamela Helen Siggers: Labour & Co-operative Party - 476 votes


Kevin Bulmer: Conservative 1773 votes ELECTED

Bryan Joseph Urbick: Liberal Democrats 1653 votes

Judi Green: Labour Party 575 votes

Thame & Chinnor

Nigel Guy Champken-Woods: Conservative Party - 2836 votes ELECTED

Kate Michelle Gregory: Liberal Democrats - 2781 votes ELECTED

Morgan James: Green Party - 2482 votes 

Louise Heathcote: The Conservative Party - 2359 votes

Jeannette Ann Matelot: Independent - 1667 votes

Paul William Swan: Labour Party - 721 votes 

Tom Nolan: Labour Party - 515 votes

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