A MANGLED mess of roots splayed in the open air having been uprooted by a monster storm.

Freak winds in February 1990 tore down mature yew trees at Rousham Park near Bicester, which were planted by eminent landscape architect William Kent in 1735.

Pictured standing next to the destruction is Angela Cottrell-Dormer, who was upset by the 'huge gaps' in what used to be a 'wonderful dark blanket' of foliage.

The storm also inflicted damage elsewhere in the county, including at Stonor Park near Henley.

Its owner told the Oxford Mail as many as 250 trees were smashed, including a giant cedar specimen.

In Nuneham Park secretary Heather Maskell was almost hit by a falling tree as she drove out of the estate.

Paul Gordon, owner of Bignell House in Chesterton near Bicester, described scenes of 'carnage' as his beloved cedar tree toppled over.