CHRISTMAS is an extra-special day for these families, and this year will mark a milestone as these little ones celebrate their 40th birthdays this December 25.

The Oxford Mail made its annual trip to the John Radcliffe Hospital in 1977 to meet some of the parents and children for whom Christmas day has a special significance.

The proud, smiling mothers pictured here all gave birth on the same day, with little Andrew Fowler the first to arrive less than an hour into the big day, weighing 7ld 14oz.

Next was Katrina Michelle Stevens, whose mum Ruth Stevens of Watlington welcomed 8ld 6oz arrival into the world.

Also pictured here are Mark Elliot Jones, born at 7.21am, Christina Hathaway-Bates at 10.58am and a few minutes later Deborah Smith rom Cowley gave birth to baby Lee.

Next was Sarah Clare Beale weighing 8lb, and the title of last baby of the day went to Peter Guy, bin at 8.21pm.

The Oxford Mail will be back at the hospital this Christmas to meet 2017's Christmas arrivals.

Are you or your children pictured here? We'd love to catch up with you and find out how your celebrating your 40th birthday in a week's time.

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