A FOUNDING member of the North Way division of St John Ambulance in Oxford proudly lifts an award above her head.

Val Longford was rewarded for her work by being made a serving sister of the Order of St John on January 25, 1990.

Mrs Longford, of Arlington Drive, Old Marston was invested in London at the St John Ambulance headquarters.

She spent a few years as a cadet in the service during the war but it was in 1979 when her real work began when she helped establish the North Way adult division.

She said: "There had been a cadet section there for two years but there was nothing they could do without an adult division to supervise.

"Eleven of us took a first aid exam and set up the new division."

North Way St John Ambulance had more than 90 members two decades ago and was best known for its first aid work at the Oxford United football ground.

In 1989 it was awarded the Sir Keith Joseph Welfare Trophy for its outstanding service.