PINK-cheeked maidens in mob caps sold apples to villagers at the Northmoor apple-throwing fair in September 1976.

Residents bought the fruit in order to hurl it into the 'wishing bower' to make their dreams come true.

The village girls were led that year by the vicar of Northmoor, the Rev Michael Farthing, in his top hat and accompanied by his trusty steed.

The procession started from the Dun Cow Inn and paraded to St Denys Church.

The fair, in aid of the church funds, was the third to revive the traditional fun which had lapsed for some 150 years.

It had come back to light after a parishioner delved through village history.

The apple sellers were Peta Beck, Michaelle Harris, Lucy Reeves, and Donna ana Lisa Hutt.